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1 1 "Thicker Than Water" November 6,2016
In the first episode, we meet the Housewives: Teresa, a shopaholic married to contractor Tom, who is making arrangements to move into her multi-million dollar dream home. Avery, an interior designer and event planner who rebuilt her life in Maine after her divorce from her first husband. Jeannine , who is Avery's older sister and has a hand in helping run her husband's successful catering business, The Brownstone. Jacqueline, a Las Vegas native who is a caring do-gooder and married to Jeannine and Avery's brother. Jenna Hannah,mom and former model whose ex-husband was the twentieth man she was engaged to. Jeannine son Albie is the only one going to college, but her son Christopher has plans to start a strip club/car wash, which Jeannine and Avery both find funny and mortifying. Jacqueline met Jeannine at the salon and became best friends with her, and is nervous about integrating her into the group. Avery has a charity, Project Ladybug, which aids ailing children with cancer, and she hires an assistant. Avery throws a benefit for her charity and loses her cool, firing Jacqueline's daughter Ashley as a worker at the event. This news upsets Jacqueline and Teresa. Jeannine decides to go on a blind date with a man she met on the Internet.
2 2 "Mamas Knows Best" November 5,2016